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Ridge and Hip Dry Fix




Dry Ridge & Hip Fix Lama is an alternative solution to traditional wet cement mortar repair. The inner surface of aluminum coated its high stretchable ensure neat sealing between ridge / hip and tile while the water resistant fabric allows warm air trapped under one roof to escape and prevent water from seeping in. Lama Dry Ridge & Hip Fix has a self adhesive backing allows for the surface butyl repair themselves over to clean and dry tile effect.


Technical data:

Material: Breathable Fabric Water & Surfaces Against Side Waterproof

Surface color: Terracotta / Black

Length: 10 m

Width: 295mm

Storage conditions: 0-38 ° C

Suggested Specification: Lama Ridge and Hip dry Fix installed with runners ridge / yen combined with brackets Lama Ridge Tree matching technical installation Lama extension.

Installation instructions for Dry Ridge & Hip Fix




Step 1: Roll out the product in the hip or ridge.

Note: Make sure the surface is clean and dry bricks before laying the dry Ridge & Hip Fix








Step 2: Based Lama & Hip Fix Dry Ridge to ridge runner and secure with staplers or fasteners.











Step 3: Step off the release foil and adhesive dry Ridge & Hip Fix to the country's first brick.









Step 4: Mold & Hip Lama Dry Ridge Fix strip side to configure the tile with rollers.











Step 5: Install the slopes by screwing screws all the way down the ridge runner through the ridge clip and nail holes of the slopes. Then bend the tail of the clip down the mountainside.











Step 6: Slot in a brick mountainside to the opening of the ridge clip and repeat step 5 for all the ridges.




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