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Commercial metal roofing can easily reach up to 70 + Degrees Celcius in surface temperatures. This high temperature tends to discomfort the building occupants, reduces their productivity and increases cooling energy consumption which very often, electric fans and air conditioning is used as remedy. With Zepher, you now have an alternative and cost effective solution.


• One key point in warehousing or manufacturing is to have a stable and consistent environment so that quality of products stored are predictable and quality of products manufactured is consistent. The Zepher is able to stabilise temperatures by ensuring sufficient frequency or Air Volumes Exchange if the correct numbers are used.


• Researches has shown and proven that a more comfortable employee working environment increases productivity, reduces stress, accidents & medical leaves, improves employee morale and thus, leading to higher profitabilities of a company. The Zepher has been proven highly effective in heat extraction  in the hot West Australian summers whereby ambient temperatures exceeds 40 Degrees Celcius with minimal cloud covers.


• The hot and humid climate in our country actually does much more damage than one can imagine. Moisture is one of the killers of product longevity.  Organic structures such as wooden panels, wooden pillars and beams decay prematurely in our tropical climates due to humidity. Stocks, Carton Packaging and Raw material can also be damaged directly or indirectly by moisture. Even steel structures rusts prematurely with moisture. The Zepher is a very effective tool in EXTRACTING air together with moisture out of the factory, warehouse or office.


• The Zepher can be installed on the roof where dusty and/or smoky areas lies beneath the roof line in order to extract both heat and dust out of the warehousing or production areas. For more effective extraction, the Zepher can also be ducted to any designated spots for a zero$ cost and free operation.


•  Zepher's extraction power is able to assist to remove unwanted atmospheric emissions from welding or painting process fumes in workshop enviroments. This can create greater work place comfort with improved air flow for the building occupants. 


 • Many companies want to contribute to being green but do not know how or where to start but at the same time, are also concerned about the high cost and commitments involved. Many are unsure about the impact of going green changes can cause. The Zepher is a cost effective stepping stone for improving the business working environment and at the same time a great opportunity to tell the world that you are going green! What more, it is a fit and forget product with minimal future commitment due to its maintenance free design.

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