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Ridge Tree


Lama Ridge Tree is a bracket that provides fast and convenient installation as well as easy leveling of the ridge runner/ saddle.


 Technical Data



Galvanized steel



1 piece per rafter at the ridge or hip

Recommended  Specification

Lama Ridge Tree support with timber (by other) to be installed with

Lama Ridge and Hip Dry Fix in accordance with Lama’s

recommended installation techniques


Installation Instruction for Ridge Tree and Ridge Runner


Step 1: Lay 2 tiles and a ridge tile at the ridge. Measure and estimate the height of the Ridge Tree Bracket based on the height of the Ridge Runner.






Step 2: Bend the legs of Ridge Tree Bracket according to the estimated height and according to the pitch of the Rafter.






Step 3: Install the Ridge Tree on every rafter using nails or screws.







Step 4: Install the top batten on the both sides of the rafter.







 Step 5: Lay the Ridge Runner on the Ridge Tree Brackets. Secure the Ridge Runner with screws or nails through the pre drilled holes at the side of each bracket. Ridge & Hip Dry Fix is are now ready to install. 




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