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Ridge Clip


Lama Ridge Clip is to fasten and secure the ridges, keeping the ridges in position regardless of strong winds without the use of conventional wet cement mortar fixing, thus providing a fast, clean and leak proof installation.

Technical Data

Material: Aluminium

Colour: Terracotta & Black

 Installation instruction for Ridge & Hip Dry Fix and Ridge Clip

 Step 1: Roll out the product at the hip or ridge.

Note: Ensure the tile surface are clean and dry before laying of Ridge & Hip Dry Fix







Step 2: Align Lama’s Ridge & Hip Dry Fix to the ridge runner and secure with staplers or screws.









Step 3: Peel off the release foil and stick Ridge & Hip Dry Fix to the water course of the tiles first.









Step 4: Mould Lama’s Ridge & Hip Dry Fix side strip to the profile of the tiles with roller.








Step 5: Install the ridge by screwing the screw all the way down to the ridge runner through the ridge clip and nail hole of the ridge. Then bend down the tail of the ridge clip.








Step 6: Slot in a ridge tile to the opening of the ridge clip and repeat step 5 for all the ridges.




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